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September 14
First Ontario Arts Centre

Floydium: Canada’s Pink Floyd Show 

The Beaches Jazz Festival presents Floydium, an 8-piece Toronto based band and Canada’s Pink Floyd Show that celebrates the music of Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd were pioneers in progressive, psychedelic, and experimental rock that by 2013 had sold more than 250 albums, making them one of the best-selling musical artists of all time. Founded in 2012, Floydium is dedicated to accurately recreating the majesty and energy of Pink Floyd, from the early ‘60s “Syd Barret era” completely through the 1994 release of the Division Bell.

Floydium is for the die-hard Floyd fan that is particular about capturing the emotion and music of the Floyd catalogue. Over the last number of years Floydium has performed in the Canadian theatre and festival circuits to shows that regularly end in standing ovations.



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