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September 14
Meaford Hall
October 26
Regent Theatre
November 29
St. Catharine’s
First Ontario Place  
September 28
Showplace Theatre
November 1
River Run Centre 
November 30
Capitol Theatre  
October 5
Ottawa Centrepoint Theatre
Novemebr 8
Richmond Hill
Performing Arts Centre

‘Tapestry’, the Carole King Songbook, staring Suzanne O Davis, is the Premier musical tribute to Carole King.

This show recreates the sound and vibe of a 1970’s Carole King concert experience following her legendary album, Tapestry. You will be transported back to the iconic image of her multi-million selling album of 1971.


Impeccable attention to detail is taken in recreating a respectful and accurate

musical presentation of piano and vocals, just as they were. Suzanne’s performance will take you on a journey back to those great recordings.


During the 70’s & 80’s, Carole played solo, with acoustic musicians, and a full band with horns during this period. This show is performed in any of those formats.


Tapestry not only presents the record-breaking, Grammy winning album of the same name, but is a retrospective of the iconic songwriting team of Goffin and King, and her hits that continued into the 70’s. This prolific team wrote chart-topping hits for artists such as Aretha Franklin, Bobby Vee, The Beatles, James Taylor, the Drifters, Donny Osmond…and the list goes on.

You'll feel the Earth Move under your feet.


Tickets on sale NOW!

Tapestry Tickets
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